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Tyre Fitting in Cookstown The Tyre Depot can offer you a comprehensive stock of premium brand tyres and budget or economy tyres to suit your vehicle, with a competitive price and service you won't find anywhere else. We use the latest equipment best suited to balance, fit and align your tyres, so you can be well assured your vehicle is receiving the best possible service available. We are responsible for insuring you receive the safest and most reliable service possible, keeping you motoring on the road without the worry of anything going wrong due to poorly fitted tyres or wheels. All staff are fully trained and kept up to date with the strict regulations required for motoring services.

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Four Wheel Computerised Alignment

Tyres in Stock It is very important that all four wheels on a car are correctly aligned, basically what that means is that they are all pointing in the same direction. Even the slightest bit off can cause excessive tyre wear, costing you extra money and time getting tyres changed before they should need to.

Modern cars have gotten more complex over th eyears to make them more comfortable and handle better, but with this they have more adjustable suspension and steering parts which become misaligned. Hitting potholes, kerbs and just normal wear of parts can cause the misalignment, but by using our 4 Wheel Computerised Alignment equipment we can adjust the wheels back to the proper position to prevent unnecessary wear of the tyres.

What's the Difference in "Tracking" and Four Wheel Alignment?

Wheel Balancing

Tracking is an older way of aligning wheels when there was not as much adjustment possible. Tracking usually only focused on making the front wheels point in the same direction but not allowing for the rear wheels to run in line with the front. It also tended to be for the "Toe Angle" and didn't accurately measure the camber, caster and other angles. Four Wheel Computerised Alignment measures all the important angles and therefore providing a more precise and accurate adjustment.

Benefits of Properly Aligned Wheels!

  • Reduced Tyre Wear
  • Improved Fuel Consumption
  • Saves Money and The Environment
  • Better Road Handling
  • Safe Driving

Wheel BalancingWheel Balancing

As part of our service when fitting new tyres to your wheels, we ensure the wheels are properly balanced with the tyres. This will help unnecessary wear of the tyres and also prevent any vibrations from travelling through the steering wheel or through the vehicle. When we give you a price for new tyres, wheel balancing is at no extra charge to you, our customer.

We stock all types and brands of tyres:

  • Performance Tyres
  • Winter or Cold Weather Tyres
  • Cheap Tyres (aka Budget or Economy Tyres)
  • Run Flat Tyres
  • 4x4 Tyres
  • Commercial Tyres (Pick-up, LGV, Van Tyres, Lorry Tyres)
Tyres in Stock
Tyre Tips!

Keep your Tyre Pressure correct!
This will help your car drive and handle better on the road.
Your tyres will last longer ensuring the maximum wear possible is achieved.
Having the correct pressure will optimise your cars performance giving your better fuel economy.

Be Safe, Be Legal... Call in today for the best advice on tyre safety in the centre of Cookstown.

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